Geoff Youlden - 3-Part Christian Presentation
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Program Details

Topic 1: Is the Bible still Relevant Today?
Friday 24th of August at 6PM for 7PM start
Light meal will be served

With all the information available in today's high-tech world, is the Bible too old to be relevant?

Topic 2: Last Days Issues!
Saturday 25th of Aug at 11AM
Lunch will be served at 1PM

Hear a confidence building presentation on Last Days Issues! It is difficult to avoid the feeling that something very different is happening to the world and to our country at the moment. Disasters everywhere… floods…famines…earthquakes…volcanoes… changing weather patterns…right and wrong seem to be no more. What is happening?

Topic 3: Hope in a Hopeless world!
Saturday 25th of Aug at 2:30PM

Where can we find hope when surrounded by utter darkness?

About Geoff Youlden

With over 30 years of research, study and experience, Geoff has a profound depth of knowledge and experience in the ancient prophetic writings of the Bible. He has researched extensively the ancient scrolls and writings of the Bible Lands. 

He has led expeditions into lands filled with ancient ruins such as Egypt and Israel, as well as following the Reformation trails through Europe, France and England. Geoff is the lead presenter in the award winning documentary series “Beyond the Search.” Over the last 14 years he has presented many in-depth programs on television, sharing the amazing facts of the ancient world and Biblical writings and how they provide insight into the world as we know it. 

Bookings are essential
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